About Us

About the Flin Flon Credit Union


To be the most trusted and valued financial service provider serving Northern Manitoba.


To develop strong relationships with our members through the provision of high quality products, convenient access and a continuous focus on the long term enrichment of the peoples and communities in Northern Manitoba.

Discover the Difference of Membership

Membership is ownership.  As a financial co-operative we are owned and directed by the membership for the benefit of the members and the communities in which they live.  We generate profits to ensure a healthly and stable organization and to develop new services and products to serve existing and future needs.  Excess profits beyond what is neccessary are returned to our members in the forms of surplus shares and dividends using the Member Equity Plan.

Along with the International Co-operative Principles the organization is directed by the values adopted by the locally elected Board of Directors.  Those values include:

1. To Be Member Focused and Directed.

2. To Be Fair, Trust-worthy and Accountable.

3. To Invest in People and Community.

4. To Up-hold Profit-Sharing and Shared Contribution.

5. To Be Innovative and Adaptive.

These values are used to guide our day to day decisions and differentiate us from our competitors.


The Flin Flon Credit Union (originally called the Alpha Credit Union Society Limited) was incorporated on January 10th, 1940 with offices operating out of a private home in Flin Flon.

In 1949 the Alpha CU moved its offices to the North of 53 Co-Op Building.

On February 26, 1959 the name of the CU was changed to the Flin Flon Credit Union Society Limited.

In 1960, construction began on the current Credit Union Building at 36 Main Street in Flin Flon with operations commencing in the building in January of 1961.

In March 31st, 2007 with assets of $21,470,395 the Flin Flon Credit Union paid it's first patronage payment under the new Member Equity Plan and returned $105,713 back to it's membership.

In 2013 the Flin Flon Credit Union expanded it's Main Branch by purchasing the neighbouring NU Hair Studio and expanding it's main floor by 1500 square feet.

In 2020 the FFCU Community Enrichment Program was launched which provides 5% of the Flin Flon Credit Union's previous years net income to a small grants program for community organizations and projects to improve the local economy and services.

In 2021 the Flin Flon Credit Union partnered with Journey Wealth in order to provide high end financial planning and investment choices to their membership.

In 2022 the Board announced that the first cashing of Surplus Shares would be authorized in the amount of $35,000 to the membership from previous paid profitsharing.  The Board also announced they had invested for a majority interest in the long-time family owned Flin Flon Insurance Agency.

In 2023 the Board released the remaining amount of Surplus Shares to their membership worth approximately $204,000 in previous profit-sharing.  The Board also announced they had completed the full purchase of Flin Flon Insurance through their subsidiary FFCU Financial Group Inc.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected from the general membership at the Annual General Meeting.  Each director must complete extensive training and education to ensure the proper knowledge to help guide a million dollar financial institution, including acheiving their Level A,B,C Credit Union Director Training from CUSource within their first term.

Board members must also committ to attend monthly regular Board meetings and any additional committee meetings as required to meet requirements under the Sound Standards of Business Practice provided by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.  They must also be available for review and examination by DGCM as required.

Current Board of Directors

Don Scott - President

Tina Oulette - Vice-President

Dawn Hlady - Secretary

Rod Gourlay

Darren Grant

Ian Lee

Tiffany Mohr

If you have an interest in serving on the Board of the FFCU, please feel free to contact the branch and discuss with the General Manager, who will refer your name to the current Nominating Committee Chair.