With a focus on simplicity in pricing and value for our membership, the FFCU offers the options of various Business Chequing Accounts based on transaction volumes. 

Simple pricing also means that one deposit is only one transaction, no additional cheque, cash or coin handling fees that are common at our competitors.

Our chequing options do not pay interest but savings and redeemable term options are available for excess funds at highly competitive rates.

Basic Business Account

Best for low volume business accounts.  The $5.95 monthly minimum fee is eligible for a minimum daily balance rebate at $5,000.  Per transaction fees apply to each activity conducted.

Business 35 Account

For businesses with about one or two transactions per day.  $29.95 pre-pays 35 self serve or full serve transactions each month which is eligible for a rebate with a monthly minimum balance of $30,000.

Business 70 Account

As your business grows you may want to pre-pay for more items and enjoy a discount off the regular cost.  $59.95 pre-pays for 70 self serve or full serve transactions each month which is eligible to be rebated with a minimum monthly balance of $40,000.

Business 100 Account

More activity, more pre-paid items.  $85.95 pre-pays 100 self serve or full serve transaction each month.  Eligible for a minimum monthly balance waiver of the package fee at $55,000.

Business 150 Account

For high volume small business members.  $119.95 pre-pays 150 self serve or full serve transaction each month.  If you maintain a $65,000 minimum daily balance you will qualify for a waiver of the $119.95 monthly fee. You also receive a rebate of up to 8 eTransfer fees per month.

Non-Profit Organization Account

In order to ensure that the funds that your local non-profit may raise are directed where needed, we offer a special account for non-profit and charitable social organizations.  For $4.95 per month you will get unlimited number of self serve and full serve transactions.  Ask us for details as some documentation may be required to show your non-profit status.