Borrowing for Business

Your Flin Flon Credit Union can provide financing for many needs that small business may have.  Whether you are looking to purchase a new retail location, renovate your existing premises, need new equipment, require a business line of credit for cash flow or need a business expense credit card, we can help.

Come and see us today about your business needs and let us see if we can save you money or help you grow.

As of May 1, 2016 the following fees will apply to business/commercial credit applications and renewals:

Business Credit Application Fees

 Commercial and small business applications take a large amount of time and effort to process, including a large number of commercial and personal record searches.  Application fees are applied to all commercial applications and may be required to be paid at the beginning of the application process, since it is payable whether the application is successful or not.

Credit Amount Requested Fee Amount
Up to $9,999 $75.00
$10,000 to $49,999 $125.00
$50,000 to $249,999 $250.00
$250,000 & Over 0.15% of credit request to a maximum of $1,000.00









Business Line of Credit Annual Review Fees

Commercial and small business lines of credit are reviewed and approved on an annual basis.  The financial information of the company and any personal guarantors may be required to be provided.  Each review is a re-application of sorts for the continuing access to the credit line.  The following fees help recover the costs inherent in completing the review. 

Credit Limit Approved Fee Amount
Up to $9,999 and cash secured $25.00
$10,000 to $100,000 $150.00
$100,001 to $249,999 $250.00
$250,000 & Over $350.00

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