Commercial Mortgages and Loans

We are happy to provide commercial financing for the purchase of real estate, commercial equipment and inventory.  Variable or Fixed Interest Rates are available in order to provide you the value and peace of mind needed to allow you to focus on your business.

Commercial Mortgages

Whether you are buying or renovating an FFCU commercial mortgage can help you deal with one of the biggest components of many businesses.  Commercial mortgages normally require more money down, carry higher interest costs and have a shorter period of pay back than normal residential borrowings but by using equity in your property you may be able to better manage your cash flow and expand your business.  In financing most commercial property and AACI accredited appraisal is required which could carry a cost of around a few thousand dollars.

Commercial Loans

Purchases of capital equipment should not come from your operating line of credit or operating cash.  Use a commercial equipment loan to manage the cost of the assets needed to maintain your business and pay it off over the life of the asset.  Although most equipment is only partially margined (so you will be required to put some money down) sometimes use of government  programs like the Canadian Small Business Loans Program can help lower the requirement for cash you may need.