Special Mortgage Rates (Rates effective 2024-06-06) Rates
3 Year Special Fixed Consumer Mortgage 4.75%
5 Year Special Fixed Consumer Mortgage 4.64%
Account Interest (Rates effective 2024-06-06) Rates
$0 - $5,000 0.05%
$5000 - $10000 0.25%
$10000 - $25000 0.50%
$25000 - $60000 2.00%
Greater than $60000 2.50%
Plan 24 and Regular Savings 0.25%
TFSA Variable 2.75%
Prime Rate (Rates effective 2024-06-06) Rates
FFCU Consumer Prime Rate 6.95%

Special Residential Mortgage Rates

The special mortgage rates listed on this page and elsewhere are for consumer residential owner-occupied properties.
These rates are provided on a "as low as" basis and depending on the property type and purpose of the mortgage, the rate offered may be higher.  Rental properties, non-owner occupied properties or mortgages for the purposes of a debt consolidation may be offered at rates higher than the special mortgage rate indicated.  Please ask us for further details.

Consumer Loans

Rates on consumer loans for new or used vehicles, recreation vehicles, boats or consolidating debts depend on credit history and type of collateral available.  Please contact one of our financial service representatives about how we can save you money on your next financing need.

Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans rates for equipment purchases and improvements depend heavily on the past financial performance of the business and the availability of collateral.  Some government guarantee programs may also be available to assist with financing but they may impact the interest rate charge.  Speak to one of our financial service representatives about your commercial or small business financing needs.