Community Programs

FFCU Community Enrichment Program

Flin Flon Credit Union has been a proud community member for almost 80 years. In that time, our organization has seen much change and weathered many storms. We have guided our members through each season of life and has had the privilege of serving several generations of families. It is this value of community that pushes us to continue building a strong economic foundation in our community and the North.

Purpose of the Program

Flin Flon Credit Union has made a commitment to support the types of initiatives that bring opportunity and economic stability to the community. There are many organizations doing incredible work, ensuring that there is a bright future for generations to come. Flin Flon Credit Union recognizes this and would like to contribute to the current and future initiatives these organizations are undertaking to make a difference in the community.

The Flin Flon Community Enrichment Program recognizes and supports entrepreneurship and industry that enhances community through innovation and a genuine desire to foster growth for sustainability in the North. These areas include but are not limited to areas of service and training, tourism, manufacturing, retail enhancement, events or beautification of core economic areas in the communities of Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach.

Organizations or groups eligible for funds must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Are community focused, and will have lasting positive impact
  • Project will contribute long term growth in the community and/or surrounding areas
  • Will bring community together to celebrate our region’s future in the North
  • Promotes innovation and partnerships with new and existing community members
  • Aids in human development and skills training within our communities
  • Infrastructure for public facilities relating to the education and support of new and existing community members.
  • Planning and research projects that focus on future investment within the region

 Funding availability and guidelines:

  • Flin Flon Credit Union will make available 5% of the organizations’ annual net profits, with a minimum of $10,000 per year.
  • Applicants will be eligible for funds requested up to a maximum amount of $2,500 towards their economic development initiative/venture.
  • Applications are strengthened if the FFCU is not the sole source of funding for the initiative/venture.
  • Grant proceeds cannot be used to subsidize operating income.
Applicants must demonstrate how their initiative would achieve one or more of the following:

  • Achieve a degree of improvement in the local economy
  • Generate high-quality, long-term new employment
  • Provide services or goods not currently available in the region
  • Create new opportunities in areas of local strengths/skills training

Deadline for Applications

Deadlines for applications occur on the first of April and the first of October each year. All applications must be submitted via email using the Application Form provided on the Flin Flon Credit Union website to

Funds will be made available for individual initiatives within one month of the final committee decision as long as all conditions have been met by the applicant.

Decisioning on Applications

All applications will be considered based on a fair and equitable approach. The CEP committee will be responsible for deciding on the final recipient by evaluating the project against set criteria developed specifically for this grant.

Funds will be determined based on the amount requested in the original application and FFCU’s maximum annual eligibility of $2,500 per successful applicant.  Partial awards may be provided by the committee.

Reporting to Members and Community

Each grant recipient must agree to be publicly acknowledged and featured on the Flin Flon Credit Union online presence.

Recipients must provide the organization with a report upon completion of the project or annually (whichever comes first) with an update on the how project met or exceeded the outcomes set out in the original application.

Community Enrichment Program Recipients

2024 Recipients

$2,000 - Flin Flon Community Gardens - for daily weekday cleanup of the Main Street Flin Flon area throughout the summer.

$1,600 - Norman Community Services - for the purchase of replacement furnishings in 2 homes - sourced locally.

$2,500 - Flin Flon Chamber/Wahkohtowin Trail Committee - for signage for mapping and wayfinding in the developing trail system for tourism and outdoor recreation.

$2,500 - Regional Economic Development Committee - to help enhance greenspace off Main Street behind the duckpond and encourage tourist picture taking.

$2,500 - Flin Flon Pickleball Club - repair surface and concrete blocking at the Birch View Bunk.

2023 Recipients

$1,100 - Community Adult Learning Centre - provide books and materials for their reading program.

$2,500 - Creighton Recreation - assist with costs of new Broderick Avenue outdoor rink.

$2,500 - FDC Regional Economic Development - to provide an updated regional map to improve tourist wayfinding in the area.

$2,500 - Flin Flon Guidance Nursery - replacement of critical appliances.

$735 - Norman Community Services - to assist in providing WHS training to service providers.

$2,500 - Northern Growing Abilities - purchase a Cricut machine to provide training and skills development and assist with fundraising.

$1,000 - Town of Creighton - to assist with funding for new digital signage for the community.

$2,500 - Beaver City Tours - assist with building a dock for tourists to safely gain access to the Beaver City site.

$2,500 - Flin Flon Ski Club -
assist with McCrae Trail improvements addressing safety concerns on this scenic site.

$2,500 - Kiddie Corner Daycare -
assist with development of a sensory room.

$1,000 - Leslie Beck -
to assist with local training for wilderness survival in conjunction with the increased use of snowshoe trails in the area.

$2,500 - Main Street Revitalization Committee -
to assist with the building of a "band stand" roof for shelter and better sound distribution at town square events.

$2,000 - NorthStar Quilting Guild -
to assist with capital purchases and local quilting training classes which supports their work donating quilts for fundraising for multiple groups in the community.

$2,500 - Regional Economic Development Commission -
to assist with funding for improved wayfinding signage for tourists to our region.

2022 Recipients

$2,500 - Greenstone Community Futures -
to help fund the "Build a Better Non-Profit" workshop held in Flin Flon.

$1,500 - Flin Flon & Creighton SPCA - 
to provide for new dog beds and materials to deal with high usage of the facility.

$1,500 - Community Wellness Collective - to continue operations which provide health and wellness classes on a donation basis with qualified instrutors.

$1,500 - Phantom Lake Soccer Club - to assist in their project to provide additional benches to accomodate larger tournaments and events.

$2,000 - Flin Flon Ski Club - to help provide for a new Trail Grooming Roller to enhance the trails used for local events and to bring provincial competitions to the area.

$1,200 - NorVA Centre - to provide funds for the purchase of a Side Entry Kiln to facilitate new classes.

$1,952 -Association for Community Living - to provide funds for the purchase of storage sheds which will house larger inventory for the second hand store they operate.

$1,685 - Beaver City Tours - to help establish a tour promotion business centred around the historical site of the  community of Beaver City.

$2,100 - Northern Growing Abilities - to purchase activity equipment for the Youth Summer Engagement Program.

$1,000 - Norman Community Service Inc - to assist with the provision of an Autism Awareness workshop for the Fall of 2022 in our community.

2021 Recipients

$2,295 - Association for Community Living - to purchase a washer/dryer to support the vocational training centres existing cleaning contracts which provide funding for the program.

$2,000 for the UpTown Emporium
- a Main Street location and online market for the advertisement and sale of products produced by local artisans.  Find out more and shop their wares at

2020 Recipients

$2,500 for the Pineroot Mural Festival – a new annual project focusing on local enhancement, artist development, downtown core revitalization which has already resulted in an indigenous-inspired mural on the City’s perimeter and will also include a second mural in the Main Street area.

$2,500 for Small Business COVID Relief Project – assist in purchasing needed hardware to provide a shared retail storefront space for home-based business makers to “test the market” and develop strategies and techniques to eventually grow their businesses independently.

$1,800 for NorVA Centre – for purchase of digital art editing software to develop and educate local individuals and entrepreneurs with use of the digital mediums to increase the capacity of our area to compete in a digital space.

$1,000 for Raven’s Hollow Skoolies Air BnB – to assist local entrepreneurs in developing a new and unique BnB experience which highlights the area for a particular tourism niche.

$1,500 for Flin Flon & District Chamber of Commerce Community Outreach - outlying community outreach committee to help improve and enhance communication between the business community of Flin Flon and area and local indigeneous communities.  The goal is to better understand how we can serve the needs of indigeneous communities and ensure a welcoming experience in local businesses.