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We are currently in the process of changing our provider for Member Card debit cards.
On August 28th we have begun the process of mailing out new Flash Enabled Member Cards to replace all active cards (used within the last 12 months).  These new cards can be used to perform Tap transactions at most store merchants.

Some things to remember about the new Flash Enabled Member Cards:

1. Please activate your new card prior to October 15th, 2018. Your old cards will be de-activated 90 days after these new cards are issued.

2. The card comes with the existing PIN on your current card.

3. In order to use the Tap function at merchants you must first use the card with your PIN number at an ATM or Point of Sale device at a store.

4. Tap can only be used for transactions less than $100 and can only be used for up to $200 before you will be required to use your PIN. These limits are for your protection. Please contact if you have any questions regarding at 204-687-6620.

5. The new card will work with your current online and mobile banking passwords BUT you will have to re-enter any memorized card info on your login screens since your card numbers have changed (three digits longer now).

6. You have the ability to change your PIN at any Credit Union ATM or in branch. With the new cards you will also be able to re-pin your Member Card at other participating CU’s with proper identification.

7. If you wish not to have the card Flash Enabled (for use with Tap) then please contact the branch and we can disable this feature for you.

8. If you haven’t received your new card in the mail by September 21st please contact the branch to have one reissued.We hope you enjoy the convenience of the new Member Cards for your debit purchases.Any questions please call us at the branch at 204-687-6620 or email us at

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