Credit Card

The Right Cards to Fit Your Life

Starting October 1, 2018 we offer a full slate of FFCU Collabria VISA® Credit Cards for your personal use. 
You can learn more and apply:
- by talking to any of our branch staff.
- calling 1.855.341.4643
- apply online at

We have eight cards to choose from to best meet your needs:

1. FFCU Collabria Cash Back Visa Card
2. FFCU Collabria Centra Visa Gold Card
3. FFCU Collabria Visa Classic Card
4. FFCU Collabria Visa Infinite Card
5. FFCU Collabria Travel Rewards Visa Gold Card
6. FFCU Collabria US Dollar Visa Card

Can I change my PIN anytime? How do I do this? Yes, you can change your PIN anytime. To change your PIN, please call the PIN Now Service. Here’s how:

1. Call the PIN Now service anytime at 1-844-788-2725

2. When calling PIN Now, you will be prompted to enter your:
a. New Collabria Visa card number
b. Security code that appears on the back of your new Collabria Visa
c. Your birthdate as month, month, year, year – this means enter the two digits corresponding to your birth month, and then the two digits corresponding to your birth year. For example, a birth date of November 1975 would be entered as 1175

3. The system will confirm the PIN change was successful or will transfer you to a live agent to complete the PIN change.

4. Your first purchase must be made at an in-store, point of sale terminal as follows:
a. Insert your card into the vendor’s point of sale terminal (tap functionality will not work)
b. While keeping your card in the point of sale terminal (don’t remove it), compete three PIN entries
c. The first two entries will fail and the third will activate your new PIN and complete the purchase.

Your future Visa purchases can be completed by using tap or entering your new PIN once only.