Personal Loans

Personal Loans


For a limited time you can transfer over your dealer finance loans, high interest credit card debt and line of credit balances to one low interest fixed rate loan with the Flin Flon Credit Union and receive an introductory interest rate of 1.5% for the first 4 months!

Save money on interest and get the flexibility of financing with the FFCU. 

Restructure your current borrowing and have a plan to eliminate your debt all together.

Start your application today by clicking "Apply Now" on the Left Column.  We look forward to discussing your financial future... debt free!
*A minimum of $10,000 of non-FFCU debt required to qualify for this promotion.  Talk to the branch for full details.

The Flin Flon Credit Union offers loans of any size for a variety of reasons to meet the needs of our membership.  All of our loans are offer the option of life, disability and critical illness protection through CUMIS insurance.

Vehicle or Recreational Loans

Whether you are looking at buying new or used we are able to finance your purchase and offer you competitive pricing and loan terms in most cases.  We also lend for the purchase of quads, boats and snowmobiles... almost anything really.  Just ask. :)

RSP Loans

Sometimes a small top up to your RSP can save you considerable money in tax.  Our RSP Loans are offered at FFCU Consumer Prime Lending Rate and have the option of a 90 No Pay period to allow time for your refund to arrive which you can use to payoff the loan.  Offered for one year terms.

Debt Consolidation

Stop paying credit cards on the Never Ever Plan.  If you only pay the minimum, at the high interest rate on credit cards, you will never get out of debt.  Consolidate all of your monthly payments into one easy loan payment and start to work a plan to get out of debt.  A variety of options and terms are available depending on collateral you may have available, please ask us to review your finances and let us help you get ahead.


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